Kolektif Stüdyo


Bebek | Istanbul








AREA: 350 m²

In this restaurant project that focuses on serving meat and steaks, a design approach has been adopted with the goal of enhancing brand value while prioritizing both operator and customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction, beyond the taste and presentation of the meat, is closely tied to the functionality and aesthetics of the interior space.

The layout of the restaurant has been established with considerations for general spaciousness and user circulation comfort. Factors like the ease of movement around tables without collisions and the comfort of the customers within their designated spaces have been taken into account. Although the aroma of meat is appealing, it can become quite heavy and bothersome when confined within an enclosed space. To address this issue, the ventilation system has been thoughtfully integrated, ensuring functional resolution without disrupting the overall design.

To make the designed space trendy, functional, and attract repetitive visits, an attention-grabbing and bold "art deco" approach has been adopted in the design. Metal details, ethnic patterns, and wooden decorative trims have been intricately incorporated into the design language to imbue the space with a luxurious and avant-garde atmosphere. Decoration and furniture selections are geared towards creating dramatic and luxurious design experiences that offer maximum comfort and make the user feel special and elite.

Mirrors and lighting fixtures have been utilized as decorative elements to create a more spacious atmosphere. The restaurant, aiming to cater to an affluent customer base, features the use of solid wood and leather materials, while gold accents enhance the grandeur of the space.

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