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148 m²

In this healthcare facility, the aim is to prioritize the user both functionally and aesthetically, adopting a hotel-like approach. The project includes a reception and waiting area for incoming patients from outside, examination and treatment rooms, an emergency department for initial interventions, and separate private rooms for doctors and administrators. Additionally, a cafeteria section is designed to serve patients and staff, ensuring their comfort and meeting their needs. In the design approach, besides addressing hospital requirements, the needs and emotions of patients and hospital users are at the center. To maximize the positive impact of the space on users, the interior spaces are emphasized to be aesthetic, spacious, comfortable, and practical. Consequently, the examination rooms adopt a simple design concept, resulting in interior spaces dominated by the color white. For the cafeteria, private rooms, and reception areas, the use of natural materials, especially wood, is emphasized to provide users with a sense of warmth and trust. Particular attention has been given to lighting to prevent the feeling of disorientation that patients generally experience in hospitals and to help them perceive spaces more easily. Signboards displaying the names of different spaces are also incorporated as design elements.On the ground floor, there are living spaces connected to the garden, a kitchen and dining area, an activity and sports room, as well as rooms for the personnel located near the entrance. Sunshades are strategically positioned to maximize sun angles, creating semi-open defined spaces in front of the living room and kitchen, enhancing their usability during sunset. The first floor is designated for more private and individual spaces. Alongside the master bedroom and two additional bedrooms, this floor includes workshop and office spaces. The guest portion of the project consists of a separate volume that functions as a compact residence, featuring a bedroom, kitchen, and living area. The large veranda at the entrance of this volume serves as a barbecue area for communal use, providing a space where guests and homeowners can spend time together. The roof of both structures is designed to be used as a terrace, with a designated area on the main structure's roof for helicopter landing. Enhancing interaction, the spacious swimming pool in the garden serves both volumes and is accompanied by a fire pit and a jacuzzi. Thanks to the construction of the property within a wooded area, away from crowds, large windows are utilized to maximize daylight exposure and integrate the structure with its natural surroundings. The exterior and ground surfaces are characterized by concrete, stone, and wood, creating a cohesive modern architectural language. The illumination of the building is arranged to emphasize vertical and horizontal elements on the façade, maintaining the intended visual impact even during nighttime.

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