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Urla | İzmir








VILLA AREA: 632 m²

TOTAL AREA: 12.000 m²

The project site is located in Urla, a region known for its microclimate features that offer both delicate qualities like vineyards and robust characteristics like olive trees, resulting in high air quality. Situated near the city center, surrounded by forests, the project offers a serene escape from the urban chaos with a view of the deep blue sea and lush green forests.

The concept "we are nature, we are of nature" is embraced in this project, with olive and pine trees adorning the surroundings. The aim is to blend the subtlety of the human spirit with construction materials, connecting with users on a deeper level.

The spatial arrangement allows users to seamlessly move from work, bedroom, and massage rooms to the living room, kitchen, and personal gardens with a single step. Lavender bushes emitting pleasant aromas and pencil cypresses providing a contrast against the rugged rocks enhance the feeling of being immersed in nature. Each residence is accompanied by a unique landscaped area. Personal organic ponds complement the plant life in private villa gardens. Additionally, communal features such as ponds, docks, hobby corners, and greenhouses contribute to social interaction while being integrated with nature.

The design harmoniously combines the essence of the natural surroundings and historical fabric with the privileges of mansion living. In addition to fundamental rooms, the 610-square-meter residences include special areas like a cinema/hobby room, library, hammam, spa, jacuzzi, sauna, massage rooms, and fitness areas.

The villas cater to a high-income user base and reflect the splendor of luxury living through avant-garde design and gold accents. The interior design follows an "art deco" approach, emphasizing craftsmanship and delicate materials, with more prominence given to metals and marbles, creating a unique and grand ambiance in the living spaces.

The flooring material selected for the entrance and living room is veined polished marble. Different areas within the space are personalized with black stripes and ethnic patterns on the floor. Decorative molding strips adorn the ceilings and walls of all rooms, adding a touch of extravagance. Natural wood and luxurious fabrics are used for furniture, accompanied by stunning lighting fixtures and bold paintings in the decor. This meticulous execution of the same architectural style in every detail establishes a sense of unity in the interior spaces.

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