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VILLA AREA: 575 m²

Nestled within a 2740 sqm parcel in Urla, the GK Vineyard House is a villa project that balances the elements of solid and soft ground. The villa owners expressed their desire for the house to serve as both a tranquil personal space and a summer retreat for gatherings with guests. To address this, the architectural program was divided between the main users and guests, forming two separate masses that connect through a green courtyard opening to the back garden.

The specialized mass allocated for the main users includes a master bedroom, its attached dressing room and bathroom, as well as the kitchen and living area. An intermediate hallway, accessible from the garage, connects to this mass and serves as a laundry room.

The other mass is designed to accommodate larger groups of guests, featuring three guest bedrooms with bathrooms. Additionally, it houses a two-story common living area that is accessible to both guests and homeowners. The hobby room in this mass hosts a billiards table, platforms for guitar and piano performances, and other forms of entertainment for guests. The differentiation in flooring materials and textures accentuates the functional diversity of these spaces. A fireplace was designed on one wall of this common living area, creating a cozy environment for winter gatherings.

To avoid guests needing to enter the more private main user's kitchen, a kitchenette was built within a niche on the wall of the common living area.

The connection between the two masses is facilitated by a shared dining area that overlooks the back garden and can be used as a semi-open/closed space.

As a vineyard house, this villa also includes a separate structure in the garden for a tractor, cultivation tools, and a hobby room. Due to its purpose as a summer residence, a swimming pool is added amidst the garden filled with trees. This pool not only serves for cooling off but extends its functionality to provide a relaxing space for homeowners and their guests both during the day and at night.

The architectural design follows a modern approach that caters to user needs while aligning with the surrounding environment. Different materials are chosen to highlight the masses designated for different users. The guest mass employs natural stone, while the main user mass is made of exposed concrete, creating an harmonious architectural language, further emphasized by black window frames. The interior design follows the same harmony, incorporating wooden material details in the flooring and furniture arrangements to infuse the spaces with natural warmth and authenticity.

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