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AREA: 400 m²

In the single-story AS 2 office space solution, the spaces are organized hierarchically. First and foremost, there is a reception area that greets all users. There is a waiting area for guests here. From here, managers and staff members move to their respective areas.

The meeting room for meetings with incoming visitors is the first place reached after the reception. Employee privacy, who can enter the spaces, and authorizations are controlled in the subsequent section, which is specialized for employee staff and accessible through a card reading system.

The employee workspace is designed as an open-plan solution, creating a collaborative working environment with work furniture groups separated by dividers. In addition to a large meeting room equipped with technical amenities for frequent large and purpose-specific meetings, there is also a meeting room designed for employees. In addition to these, HUBs designed for employees to work quietly and in small groups have been created.

Following this open workspace area, a more social area is designated for the staff. This social area is designed as a cafe where employees can take a break from their busy work schedule, serving as a gathering and coffee break area. The L-shaped amphitheater here consists of seating areas that can serve presentations, areas for leisure, a dining area that serves the kitchenette section, and bookshelves. This multifunctional amphitheater aims to go beyond the "traditional office approach" by creating a more dynamic and enjoyable environment with maximum interaction.

In line with this approach, vibrant colors have been used to make the space as lively as possible without causing distractions. The use of color starts from the lobby and is continued in HUBs and social areas, ensuring continuity in the design language. In the executive offices, a more user-centric and simple design language has been adopted while maintaining alignment with the overall identity.

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